Posted by: Shafraz | December 24, 2007

2007 – A walk down memory lane.

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A crazy year coming to an end, walking down those memories is both encouraging and sometimes disappointing. Tried being away from the digital madness, but never worked. I guess it’s time to stop pretending and get back to what we are. Well what can I say Information Technology is growing ten folds in a blink of an eye and seems like 24hrs is not really enough to catch up with it.

Let me share the top 5 sites that changed my life in 2007 – a passionate and powerful creative community, a place to showcase your artistic talents, I don’t know how but this site creeps into my daily surfing schedule. It’s a warehouse for creative inspiration, if you do happen to drop by, say hello to me at – a place of Zen for all the troubled minds, not exactly. A blog with tips to make a better living, there are simple and practical things in your day to day life that we never pay attention to, call it life in the fast lane but there is lot more in the detail that we really miss. Well I have to say some of the contents of this site really made me change the way I take life, especially this one, Wake up: A guide to living your life consciously – a social networking like no other. Yeah there are millions of social networking sites out there, but this one really did some good to me, I rediscovered a whole lot of lost friends that I was dying to contact, going way back to my school days. And a helpful set of features and plug-ins that lets you know what your friends are up even in your busy schedule. If you happen to be part of FB, drop by to my page, search for me as Shafraz Faiz – a site for design and life. The blog is maintained by a couple of well known designers, the information they share on the site are really helpful even for non designers. It’s a site worth checking out. If you are a designer and thinking of improving your portfolio you should check out this post which is totally awesome, Show & Tell, Chanporys Portfolio – if you are in the market for an online money management program, this is well worth the time, and it’s free. I know how hard it is to manage your finances. And the worse nightmare is spending your bucks and wondering what really happened to your earnings. This has a single snapshot analysis of your spending, which helps determine the volume of earning and spending. I believe, by using this web app you can take control of your finances.

What else, what else seems like we are days ahead to close in on another breath taking year, life aint promised by it sure gets better, I believe the dawn of the new year will bring us happiness, strength and courage.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

2008 Here we come…



  1. So how about some new pictures of that toy? I want to see some in the daylight! Come on

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